Best Restaurant & Bakery Equipment to Buy Used

Whether you are opening up your first or second restaurant or bakery, deciding to buy new or used equipment can always be challenging. The first thing to remember is to always keep it simple and never get caught up in buying unnecessary equipment that’s more for show than improving the performance in your line or food quality. Buying bigger equipment for your restaurant or bakery used, can you save pennies on the dollar, especially if you can find them still under warranty. Small wares like glasses, dishes, sheet pans, and racks are also good to buy used unless you are opening a specialty kitchen. Here is a list of the top items to buys used for your restaurant or bakery. Arizona Bakery Sales & Service has a great selection of used equipment for restaurant and bakeries. If there is anything you are looking for and don’t see call us at 480.968.7470

Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment To Get Used:

These are by far the best items to always get used especially if you are operating in warmer climates like Arizona. You can often get coolers, and coffeemakers for free from your beverage

  • distributor
  • ice machines
  • dishwashers
  • coffeemakers
  • coolers

Top Reasons to Repair or Replace Commercial Fryers

How Not Maintaining or Repairing Commercial Deep Fryers Can Cost You

Arizonans love their fried foods like they love their sports, thats how important commercial deep fryers in restaurant are. They are responsible for cooking the bulk of the appetizers and sides in most Phoenix restaurants, franchises and bars. A deep fryer that is not properly maintained can quickly become a burden and instantly cut into profits and rack up bad reviews from customers. Simple things like Using vegetable oil and changing it out regularly can prolong the life of your fryer.

These are the most common parts on a commercial fryer in restaurants that fail due to poor maintenance:

  • hi-limit
  • Thermopile
  • Combination Safety Gas Valve
  • Thermostat
  • pump motor

Are You A Restaurant Owner and Your Commercial Fryer Repaired or Maintained:

Arizona Bakery Sales & Service has over 20yrs of experience repairing restaurant and bakery equipment. We can repair deep fryers, pressure fryers and specialty fryers (chicken and donut fryers, and computerized fryers found in franchises). We also offer maintenance agreements for cleaning fryers, ovens, grills and other commercial kitchen equipment. Call Arizona Bakery Sales & Service at 480.968.7470 today for all your commercial kitchen repair for your restaurant, franchise or bakery